Everything you need to become a DevOps Engineer.

We're not here to waste your time (or ours.) We're here to guide and mentor you through the complex world of DevOps, starting from zero knowledge and working our way up to getting the job.


Private mentoring

This is the one service that separates you from people who want to learn and earn, and the people who want to seriously learn and earn.

Mentoring is the key to success. It's the secret ingredient to overcoming technical hurdles, understanding the industry, being challenged whilst kept on track, staying focused, and much more. If you want to accelerate your time to market, then you want a mentor.

The best roadmap

Our very own bespoke DevOps roadmap will guide you one step at a time, along a very linear path, that's specifically designed to teach you from the ground up. It will prevent you from getting lost and distracted by endless searching and information overload.

See its dedicated page!

Curated materials

There's a lot of the existing information out there, so we've curated it to make sure you read, watch, and study the right materials without getting lost. We ensure when you're watching videos, you're only watching as much as you need and not the entire ten hour lecture.

Our Curated Materials will see you exploring all kinds of resources online, from blogs, books, videos to entire courses. There's a lot of great stuff out there, you've just got to know where to look (and how deep.)

Real skills

Projects are the key to learning how-to be a truly proficient DevOps engineer that can build highly redundant, Enterprise grade solutions. Our projects are specifically designed to get you building real-world solutions to real-world problems. Everything you're going to learn is backed by a project that will test your understanding and challenge you to prove it.

Hard challenges

There's a difference between someone who can build stuff and someone who can fix stuff. The former is a technician. The latter is an engineer. We want to make an engineer of you.

Our Challenges provide you with preexisting, but broken solutions that you must debug and fix. This will challenge your true understanding of the technologies and how they work, and it's these skills that employers want. These Challenges lead nicely into our Chaos Engineering service, taking these skills into the realm of real-time problem solving.

Real problems

When everything goes down in a live environment, the pressure is on to get it working again. The clock is ticking. Money is being lost.

Our real-time Chaos Engineering service puts you on the spot, applies pressure, and turns up the heat. You'll build things, and we'll break them. You'll fix them, but they'll go down again. Can you fix them inside of the allotted time frame?

Mock interviews

Interviewing can be stressful. It's probably one of the most stressful things you can put yourself through, but it's an important part of the job seeking process, for both you and the employer.

We take you through a series of mock interviews to help get you ready. These interviews are designed to help you become more confident when applying for jobs. Overcome the anxiety and really shine in your next interview.

Private community

Unlike other providers of online training, we can be reached directly, in real-time, via text and voice chat. Most online training providers leave you to hope for the best in their online forums, but not Upload Academy! We're live via our Discord community. It's the real deal.

(We try to be available as much as we can be, but we're not robots, so we're available 8am until 8pm, Australian Eastern Time for text based questions and concerns. That translates to 5pm-5am US Eastern, and 2pm-2am US Western.)

No simulations

Most other online training platforms try to simulate reality... why? Just use the real thing and learn real skills. Make real mistakes and learn from them. Sandboxes, local VMs and simulated environments are a great way to learn very little. Upload Academy only does real Cloud accounts with real resources and solutions that cost real money (pennies/cents), because that's how you're going to be working in the real-world.

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