Everything you need to become a DevOps Engineer.

We're not here to waste your time (or ours.) We're here to guide and mentor you through the complex world of DevOps, starting from zero knowledge and working our way up to being job ready at the junior DevOps Engineer level.

We've got what you need

All those pain points above? Gone. No longer an issue. Here's why...

The best roadmap

Our very own bespoke DevOps roadmap will guide you one step at a time, along a very linear path, that's specifically designed to teach you from the ground up. It will prevent you from getting lost and distracted by endless searching and information overload.

  • A road map that gives you a linear, simple path to follow
  • A focused syllabus designed to teach you concepts and technologies/tools
  • Designed with 20+ years of experience and based on what's needed, not what's popular
  • Broken down into stages that build on each other, not just randomly put together

Curated materials

There's a lot of the existing information out there, so we've curated it to make sure you read, watch, and study the right materials without getting lost. We ensure when you're watching videos, you're only watching as much as you need and not the entire ten hour lecture.

Our Curated Materials will see you exploring all kinds of resources online, from blogs, books, videos to entire courses. There's a lot of great stuff out there, you've just got to know where to look (and how deep.)

  • The best resources the Internet has to offer, all curated for you
  • No more 10,000 hour video libraries, just a wide range of mixed-media resources
  • All materials are checked for quality and obnoxious adverts/clutter
  • We tell you exactly how much video to watch or text to read so you're not wasting time

Awesome projects

Projects are the key to learning how-to be a truly proficient DevOps engineer that can build highly redundant, Enterprise grade solutions. Our projects are specifically designed to get you building real-world solutions to real-world problems. Everything you're going to learn is backed by a project that will test your understanding and challenge you to prove it.

  • You're going to build your own project, from simple to Enterprise ready
  • You'll work your way through simple architectures to cutting edge
  • Your application will live in EC2 Instances and Lambda Functions
  • And you'll come away with an epic portfolio of work

Code Challenges

There's going to be a lot of code in your life. You might not be writing it yourself, especially not directly, but you there will come a time when you'll need to write Python, Bash, Go, and more. It's important that you can not only write code, but you can also debug it.

As we're not here to joke around, we've got plenty of "broken code" challenges for you to fix that will test that you understand the languages we teach you.

  • We've got Python challenges
  • We've got shell scripting challenges
  • Challenges range from typos to broken HTML templates
  • You won't be bored

Infrastructure Challenges

We're about preparing you for real life, and in real life infrastructure fails. It breaks down and stops working. Your job is to make it work again. This will require you to really understand what you're doing. Without a deep understanding of the concepts we teach, you'll hit a wall (but don't worry, we're here to help get you over that wall.)

These challenges will get you ready for the types of everyday Business As Usual (BAU) work you see at start-ups, SMEs, and massive Enterprises.

  • We've got simple challenges like missing files or incorrectly configured software
  • We've got corrupt and broken databases
  • You'll be required to fix problems such as networking, compute, security, and way more

Chaos Engineering

Even if you get through our Infrastructure Challenges, you're going to eventually face our live, real-time Chaos Engineering simulations. We're here to break your stuff, and you have to fix it right there and then. And yes, we're here to help.

This is when the fun really begins and you start feeling the heat.

  • You build it, we break it
  • You fix it, we break it again
  • ... it gets annoying, but that's real life in IT as a DevOps Engineer

Private mentoring

This is the one service that separates you from people who want to learn and earn, and the people who want to seriously learn and earn.

Mentoring is the key to success. It's the secret ingredient to overcoming technical hurdles, understanding the industry, being challenged whilst kept on track, staying focused, and much more. If you want to accelerate your time to market, then you want a mentor.

  • Completely private, 1-2-1 meetings with your own mentor
  • Problem and solution breakdowns via white boarding sessions
  • Two hours of our time per month, but even then we're quite flexible
  • Book during a wide range of times that suite you, across a range of timezones
  • Private Miro board for visual collaboration on complex tasks

Mock interviews

It's not only about the tools and technologies, you have to have communication skills too. We've got mock interviews, both technical and HR, to prepare you for the real thing. We've done plenty of interviews in our time, and we know what's important to employers.

Don't leave it to chance and get yourself prepared for your next interview.

  • We've got options to simulate management tier, HR type interviews
  • We have options for mocking and simulating technical interviews
  • And of course you get feedback, lots of it, to improve for next time

Custom Videos

You're not always going to be able for a voice chat, and you might want an answer to a complex question that requires visuals. We can provide a (reasonable) amount of short, custom videos each month to answer these questions for you. You can watch them back at your convenience.

We want to do everything we can to avoid you being left in the dark.

  • Get a quick, five minute video answering your question
  • We can make videos covering a wide range of technical solutions
  • Don't be left in the dark because you've used up your mentoring time for the month

Personal Reference

For students who complete all the tasks, projects, challenges, and show high potential, we're happy to provide a personal reference to any future employers you apply to. This is a powerful asset to have, because it places you above the rest of the applicants who, like you, may not have any experience at all.

And trust us - we don't hand these out lightly. You will earn this privilege or you will forego it.

  • Get a personal reference to attach to any and all applications
  • We'll even answer reference emails from employers who want to know more
  • Get ahead of the competition

Private community

We operate a completely private Discord community that you can use to ask us questions any time of the day. We also stream here and provide live feedback. 

This is ideal for when you want to work with other students or just want to chat tech and ideas.

  • It's highly curated and professionally run, so no trolls!
  • You have our experts all to yourselves
  • It has a searchable history
  • We have a sister Discord, The DevOps Lounge, for when you want something bigger

Ready to get started?